Selecting an Ideal Hotel Near Gatwick Airport

When looking for an ideal hotel to stay in on a visit to London, there are several things that have to be factored into your decision. The ease of accessing transport links is no doubt one of the issues that you will seriously consider especially if your stay is business related. Staying at a hotel near an airport will save you lots of time and money if you need to frequently travel from London during your trip. Choosing ideal hotels near Gatwick Airport will add a lot more convenience to your stay depending on your reason for travelling. Being the second busiest international airport in the UK after Heathrow, you might reduce time wastage by choosing strategic accommodation near Gatwick.

hotels near gatwick airport

hotels near gatwick airport

Here are some factors you need to bear in mind when selecting hotels Gatwick Airport has to offer:

  1. How close to the airport should you stay?

This should be decided upon by the frequency of travels you will need to make going through the airport. When you choose a hotel that is within walking distance, you may not have to worry about other transportation costs that become necessary. The Hilton London Gatwick is an example of a hotel that offers close proximity to this airport, giving the convenience a business executive will need on his trip.

  1. The cost of staying at the hotel

While you may think that most hotels near Gatwick Airport cost a lot to accommodate you for a day, it is possible to get a modestly-priced haven, providing all the necessary services. The Premier Inn London Gatwick Airport offers you affordable stays and is just about 350 metres from the airport.

  1. The size of the party in which you are travelling

If you are travelling with your wife and kids, it would be best to go for a hotel that offers family rooms. This will help you save a lot compared to booking a separate room for every person. The Southbourne Guest House is another of the hotels near Gatwick Airport and is just five minutes away. There are standard family rooms that will be convenient for those traveling as a group.

  1. Availability of shuttle services

If your travels will involve odd hours, book a hotel that will make it possible for you to get 24-hour shuttle services. Shuttles can be much cheaper than renting a car if it will be necessary for you to get transport to and from the airport based on the distance from the hotel to the airport. A number of hotels near Gatwick actually do provide free shuttle airport transfers.

  1. Services provided by the hotel

There are disparities in the provisions of hotels near Gatwick Airport. The accommodation you choose ought to be one that will guarantee you comfort and convenience during your stay. Be sure to scrutinize all the comforts of a hotel Gatwick Airport if this will make a difference in your trip.

London is a huge city and carefully choosing the hotel to stay in will impact on your experience of the journey. Go to, to learn more about the hotels near Gatwick Airport appropriate to your needs.

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